to ecome
a potential disciple
Studies to become a potential disciple
How do you study?
Listening and reading
Listen to thematic lectures and read booksaimed at developing a certain depth of knowledge ofKrsna consciousness philosophyand practice.
Summary and test
Then write a summary for each of the seminars and for each of the books.After listening and reading: answer the test questions.
In the end, write an essay on the topic
"The essence of the relationship between the studentand a spiritual master"
Based on the results of the resume, test and essay, you can receive a Certificate of successful completion of the training for potential disciples.
In case of unsatisfactory mark, you will be given the opportunity to rethink the answers with your mentor and to send the corrected work for review within three months.

When can I apply for permission to
chant the pranama mantra of a spiritual master?
After receiving a "Certificate of completion of the training course for potential disciples", as well as all the necessary documents required by ISKCON, a candidate can turn to a spiritual master for refuge, asking for permission to chant his pranama mantra.
How to determine if you're ready to become a potential disciple
Before receiving permission to chant the pranama mantra of the spiritual teacher, the candidate must confirm that:

- he\she has the necessary knowledge;
- adheres to the values;
- regularly engages in spiritual practice.

  • Basic knowledge of Krishna and His energies (internal, borderline, material).
  • Basic knowledge of Vaishnava etiquette (the position of SrilaPrabhupada and the GBC, reverence for the guru, respect for elders, respect for the holy name, Deity, dham and spiritual objects).
  • Knowledge of the importance of worshiping the holy name of Krishna.
  • My knowledge of the purpose of spiritual life is superficial.

  • Determination to follow the path of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
  • Studying SrilaPrabhupada's books.
  • Developing a relationship with SrilaPrabhupada through studying his life and personality.
  • ISKCON as an organization created for spiritual communication.
  • Discipleship.
  • Awareness of the need to follow the four regulatory principles.
  • Life in the mode of goodness.
  • Deep communication with devotees.
  • Obedience, respect for elders.
  • Belief in the sastras.
  • Devotion to the spiritual master, communication and finding refuge in his instructions.

  • Chant at least 16 rounds of Hare Krsnamaha mantra every day.
  • Regularlycommunicate with devotees.
  • Listen to the lectures of the spiritual master.
  • Practicing in ISKCON.
  • Regularly participate in ISKCON spiritual programs.
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