Course for
the disciples
(1 step)
Course for the disciples
(1 step)
The training is designed for students who have received initiation.

So that the students can study all the necessary instructions of the spiritual masterconcerning their level. Systematic learning promotes the application of knowledge.

Whereas chaotic listening is often disorienting and confusing.

Listening to thematic lectures, reading books, reflection exercises with a mentor -

collectively, this training will help to better understand how to live with dedication and how to develop in the spiritual practice.

Also, passing this course is mandatory for those who are preparing for the mantra-diksa, the second initiation.

How do I study?
Thematic Lectures
Answer questions about the lectures and reflect on what you've heard.
Featured Books
Answer questions about books and write about your realizations.

Studying with a mentor
Complete tasks with a mentor.
Write a short essay on a given topic.
Answer the questions of the qualification test.
Based on the results of the test, you will receive a Certificate of successful completion of the disciple course.
In case of unsatisfactory mark, you will be given the opportunity to rethink the answers with your mentor and to send the corrected work for review within three months.
When can I apply for second initiation?
Having received the "Certificate of completion the course for disciples (1 step)", as well as all the necessary documents that are required in ISKCON, the candidate can contact the spiritual teacherasking for mantra diksa, brahman initiation.

How to determine if you're ready to receiveinitiation in the Gayatri Mantra
Disciple wishing to ask a spiritual master
for initiation into the GayatriMantra,must confirm that:

- he\she has the necessary knowledge,
- adheres to the values,
- regularly engages in spiritual practice.

  • Knowledge of bhakti-sastra.
  • Knowledge of the Vaisnava's behavior according to place, time and circumstances.
  • Knowledge of the various types of devotional service under the guidance of a spiritual master and mentors.
  • The goal of spiritual practice is the main vector of effort.

  • Taste for spiritual practice (to sravanam, kirtanam).
  • Taking care for the devotees.
  • Preaching.
  • Sharanagati, or surrender of oneself. -Deity Worship.
  • A broad vision of SrilaPrabhupada's mission.
  • Comprehension of truth in the sanga of equals.

  • Regular participation in the morning program.
  • Chant japa in the early morning.
  • A daily studying of SrilaPrabhupada's books.
  • Regular listening to spiritual master's lectures.
  • Taking responsibility in SrilaPrabhupada's mission.
  • The occupation of one's nature in the service of Krsna.
  • Purification of the heart under the guidance of a mentor.
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