Preparing for
for Harinama-diksha
Bhakti VigyanaGoswami on the course:

Since all of my students must attentively chant the holy name every day,regularly read the books of SrilaPrabhupada and listen to lectures, communicate with Vaisnavas, use their energy in serving Krsna and, as far as possible, preach the science of Krsna consciousness; and since each of these types of sadhana plays a big role

In making a disciple into a Vaisnava, I decided to introduce the additional training for all candidates for the first initiation.

The point of this training is to prepare a candidate for a life with initiation.

During this training, candidates will need to:

1. Learn to attentively chant the holy name, avoiding offences.
2. Read books that are necessary to study at this level of spiritual life.
3. Regularly listen to the lectures of SrilaPrabhupada, SrilaRadhanath Swami and Bhakti VigyanaGosvami.
4. Developing relationships with senior Vaisnavas. Serve under the direction of senior devotees in ISKCON.
5. Use everything in the service of Krsna (for example, offer food to Krsna and take only prasadam).
6. Preach the science of Krsna consciousness as much as possible.

The training is designed for one year. If for some reason you cannot receive the training, for example, due to a serious illness or because of age, but you want to receive initiation, contact my secretary, Dina Caitanyaprabhu (through the disciple's coordinator in your region) to resolve this issue individualy. First of all, I recommend that all of my disciples, who are already initiated, receive this training.

I wish you luck and spiritual realizations!

Your Servant, Bhakti VigyanaGosvami

Bhakti VigyanaGosvami​
How do I study?
Thematic Lectures
Answer questions about the lectures and reflect on what you'veheard
Featured Books
Answer questions about books and write about your realizations.
Sadhana's Diary
In the table note down the information about your japa, time of reading and listening, as well as the timeof getting up.
Write a short essay on a given topic.
Answer the questions of the qualification test.
Based on the results of the test, you will receive a Certificate of successful completion of preparation for HarinamaDiksa.
In case of unsatisfactory mark, you will be given the opportunity to rethink the answers with your mentor and to send the corrected work for review within three months.
When can I apply for initiation?
After receiving a "Certificate of completion of HarinamaDikshaCourse", as well as all the necessary documents required by ISKCON, a candidate can contact a spiritual teacher
asking for initiation.

How to determine if you're ready to become a disciple
Before receiving initiation, a disciple must confirm that
- he\she has the necessary knowledge,
- adheres to the values,
- regularly engages in spiritual practice.

  • Knowledge of various aspects of the Lord Caitanya'sphilosophy (acintya-bheda-abheda-tattva).
  • Knowledge of the details and nuances of Vaishnava etiquette.
  • Knowledge of how to perform pure devotional service.
  • Knowledge of the steps on the path of bhakti and its differences from other paths.
  • Knowledge of the purpose of spiritual practice that encourages action.

  • Identification with the tradition of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and loyalty to it.
  • Chastity towards SrilaPrabhupada and ISKCON.
  • Developing relationships and a spirit of cooperation with devotees.
  • Developing relationships with elders, having a mentor.
  • Deep studying of the scriptures.
  • Deepening relationships with the holy name and the quality of chanting.
  • Humility as the fundamental value of a Vaisnava.
  • Understanding the dynamics of spiritual growth and obstacles in spiritual life.

  • Participation in the morning spiritual program.
  • Chanting at least most of the roundsearly in the morning.
  • Read SrilaPrabhupada's books regularly.
  • Regularly listen to the lectures of the spiritual master.
  • Accept leadership in your service in ISKCON.
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